Magic Leap 1 Creator Edition available for developers to order at $2,295

Magic Leap 1 Creator Edition available for developers to order at $2,295
August 8, 2018

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From Magic Leap launches One Creator Edition headset for $2,295 on VentureBeat:

On the hardware side, the Creator Edition will include a Lightwear headset, Lightpack computing pack, Control handheld input device, a Fit Kit, multiple chargers, and a Quick Start Guide. The Lightpack can also add an optional fabric strap. Magic Leap also will include its operating system LuminOS, Helio web browser, Screens video player, Social communication app, and Magic Kit toolkit in the bundle, plus three sample apps: an audiovisual app from Sigur Rós called Tónandi, an object creation tool called Create, and “coming soon,” an immersive game developed in collaboration with Weta Workshop called Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders.


Details of the device’s actual AR capabilities have inspired mixed reactions from observers. A late July leak of developer documents revealed a thoughtful and seemingly robust new operating system, including intriguing user interaction paradigms, but also a very limited field of view for actually viewing AR content. Even so, Magic Leap has signed development deals with prominent special effects houses including Weta Workshop, and has been moving steadily forward with its release plans this year.

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