Omega Ophthalmics


Type: Startup

Gary Wörtz
Concurrent Roles
Founder (Arcuate Innovations)

Rick Ifland

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Gemini Refractive Capsule

The Gemini Refractive CapsuleTM is designed to neutralize the single most important variable with regard to predictable visual results: Effective Lens Position (ELP). Instead of using two-dimensional arms to hold the lens centrally within the X/Y plane of the eye, the Gemini Refractive CapsuleTM utilizes a revolutionary design to also control the Z plane in a three-dimensional way. The design borrows from current lens designs only with regard to the advanced optics and biocompatible materials so that the pathway to approval is minimized.

By finally having control of the X, Y and Z planes within the eye, surgeons at last will have three-dimensional control of the lens plane, resulting in exponential improvement in outcome for their patients while significantly reducing the need for costly glasses or contact lenses to correct eyesight after surgery. While the initial goal of this new refractive capsule was simply to solve the problem of refractive results after cataract surgery, it became clear early on that a “function follows form” approach to a new lens design would yield many downstream advantages as well.