Whoever becomes the leader in AI will become the ruler of the world

From ‘Whoever leads in AI will rule the world’: Putin to Russian children on Knowledge Day — RT News

“Artificial intelligence is the future, not only for Russia, but for all humankind. It comes with colossal opportunities, but also threats that are difficult to predict. Whoever becomes the leader in this sphere will become the ruler of the world,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

However, the president said he would not like to see anyone “monopolize” the field.

“If we become leaders in this area, we will share this know-how with entire world, the same way we share our nuclear technologies today,” he told students from across Russia via satellite link-up, speaking from the Yaroslavl region.

Elon Musk replies to this specific article on Twitter:

It begins ..


China, Russia, soon all countries w strong computer science. Competition for AI superiority at national level most likely cause of WW3 imo.

Just like a small team of 5 plus AI could overturn the market, a small, weak government plus AI could overturn the geopolitical scene. And human augmentation is a key milestone to accomplish that. I already heard multiple companies I mentioned here on H+ having collaboration with military and government agencies.